ETIAS Application

Once it's impossible to have advance information regarding Visa exempt visitors approaching EU borders it's mandatory to identify any risks that an individual can cause to public safety.
ETIAS online Application fulfills this requirement, providing that missing tool that allows Schengen Countries authority to screen travelers prior their approach to the European soil.
The ETIAS online application is really easy and requires only few minutes. Please notice that every component in a group needs to have his ETIAS application also prior boarding.

Travel with ETIAS Application Online

ETIAS Application and Schengen Visa

The ETIAS online application is not a substitute for a Schengen Visa.
ETIAS will only give the opportunity to stay in Europe for 90 days, and it's available for visa-exempt countries only.
If a traveler wants to stay for a longer period or he holds a citizenship not listed in the visa-waiver countries list he will need to have a different Visa, in this case, we suggest to contact the embassy of the Country he intends to visit.
You can use the tool below to check if you have the requirements to apply for an ETIAS authorisation:

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How to fill your ETIAS application

Completing an ETIAS application requires different sets of information.
Every applicant needs to provide travel itinerary, criminal and health status, personal and payment information. It is strongly suggested to read every part of the ETIAS application form carefully.
False declarations can lead to a decline in the application process and result in a boarding denied or a denial of entry in the EU. For this reason, the traveler shall not attempt to adapt answers based on what he thinks will likely lead to application approval.

ETIAS application review

The accuracy of data provided is critical to obtain a valid ETIAS authorisation; an applicant should review his application and double check biometric data such as first and last name, gender, date of birth, country of citizenships and other passport information.
When an ETIAS application has been completed traveler's information is cross-checked between different security systems. EU-Lisa will be in charge to forward the data to Interpol, European Border and Coast Guard and other agencies that will provide inputs about the eligibility of the traveler to move across the Schengen Area.
After ETIAS application has been approved, it will give the travelers the right to cross the EU borders, but the validity can be revoked anytime, so it's traveler's duty to check if the authorisation is still valid or not ahead boarding.