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An ETIAS authorisation will be required for every Brazilian citizen for short-stay period in Norway starting from 2021.


A valid passport is required to enter Noway. All tourists entering Norwegian territory from another (Schengen country) are exempted from presenting their passports to Norwegian authorities. In this case, a national identity card is the only document needed. The passport and other travel documents accepted for entry must be valid for a minimum of 3 months beyond the period of intended stay. All the Passports (or equivalent travel documents) issued more than ten years before the date of travel, may not be accepted. Although Svalbard islands are part of Norway, they are not considered part of Schengen area and all the tourists traveling from Norway to Svalbard are required to pass through visa and passport check in Tromso.

A Schengen visa is mandatory for all nationals of Brazil who stay in the country for a period greater than 90 days.
For short stay visits (less than 90 days within a period of 180 days), the visitors are exempted from obtaining a valid Schengen visa.
An ETIAS authorisation will become a mandatory requirement for every Brazilian citizen starting from 2021.
ETIAS will have a validity of five years, and it can be used for an unlimited number of entries.

Custom Regulations
Goods brought from outside the country by air or sea can be subject to the following limitations:

  • Tobacco: Cigarettes (200), cigarillos (100), cigars (50), tobacco (250g).
  • Alcohol: strong liquor (1L), of beverage with less than 22% alcohol volume (1,5L), beer or wine (2L).

Currency Restriction
Money Amounts of over NOK25,000 (or equivalent in foreign currencies) in cash or travelers' cheques must be declared at the point of entry or exit. Visitors entering Norway with a one-way ticket and not having sufficient funds to purchase a return ticket might be refused to enter.

List of Brazilian diplomatic offices in Norway

Honorary Consulate of Brazil in Stavanger, Norway

Address: Munkehagen 3, 4009 Stavanger, NorwayCheck on map

Phone: (+47) 51 87 50 00, (+47) 901 13 476

Fax: (+47) 51 87 52 00


Details: Anna Aabe - Consul

Vice Consulate of Brazil in Bergen, Norway

Address: Kaffehuset Friele Midtunhaugen 6, Nesttun Postboks 175, 5852 Bergen, NorwayCheck on map

Phone: (+47) 55 92 66 00, (+47) 920 58 300

Fax: (+47) 55 10 14 90


Details: Birgitte Friele, Vice-Consul

Honorary Consulate of Braizl in Trondheim, Norway

Address: Maske Gruppen A/S Lade Alle 61, 7005 Trondheim, NorwayCheck on map

Phone: (+47) 73 79 29 00, (+47) 982 81 202


Details: Mr Marius Maske - Consul

Embassy of Brazil in Oslo, Norway

Address: Sigurd Syrs gate 4, 0244 Oslo, NorwayCheck on map

Phone: (+47) 22 54 07 30, (+47) 22 54 07 43

Fax: (+47) 22 44 39 64



Office Hours: 09:00 - 17:30

Details: Mr Flavio Helmold Macieira - Ambassador

List of Norwegian diplomatic offices in Brazil

Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Bridgetown

Address: c/oSea Freight Agencies (B'DOS) Ltd, James Fort Building, Hicks Street

Phone: +1-246-429-9688

Fax: +1-246-429-5107


Office Hours: 08.00 - 16.30

Details: Consul General Robert John Foster

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Sao Paulo

Address: Rua General Almerio de Moura 780, Bairro Morumbi CEP 05690-080Check on map

Phone: +55-11-3759-2379

Fax: +55-11-3758-5986


Details: Consul: Jens Olesen

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Santos

Address: Pca. Barao do Rio Branco,14, 4 andar, CEP 11010-040Check on map

Phone: +55-13-3219-7373

Fax: +55-13-3219-7944


Details: Consul: Glen Gordon Findlay; Atendimento ao publico: Sr. Jose Roberto Fernandes

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Salvador

Address: Av. Estados Unidos, 18b/ 9 andar - Ed. Estados Unidos - Comercio, CEP 40010-020Check on map

Phone: +55-71-3243-8825

Fax: +55-71-3243-3125


Details: Consul: Ronald Schenkels

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Rio Grande

Address: Largo Silveira Martins, 23/ Sala B4, ED Camara do Comercio, CEP 96200-590

Phone: +55-53-3232-0232

Fax: +55-53-3233-7600


Details: Consul: Antony Rover Baptista

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Porto Alegre

Address: BR 290, KM 108 a 112, s / n - Distrito Industrial, CEP 92990-000Check on map

Phone: +55-51-3481-3399

Fax: +55-51-3481-4050


Details: Consul: Frank Woodhead

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Natal

Address: Rua Nilo Bezerra Ramalho, 1706 Tirol, CEP 59015-300Check on map

Phone: +55-84-3211-6800

Fax: +55-84-3221-4544


Details: Consul: Gutemberg Natal Tinoco

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Manaus

Address: Rua Ipe, 346 - Distrito Industrial, CEP 69075-100Check on map

Phone: +55-92-3301-6777 or 3301-6778

Fax: +55-92-3301-6777 or 3301-6778


Details: Consul: Saul Benchimol

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Fortaleza

Address: Rua Rocha Lima 371, Joaquim Tavora, CEP 60135-000Check on map

Phone: +55-85-3242-0888

Fax: +55-85-3242-9222



Details: Consul: Marcos Aurelio Soares de Castro

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Curitiba

Address: NEWPORT Business Center, Alameda Dr. Carlos de Carvalho 655 - Conj. 2005, CEP: 80430-180

Phone: +55-41-3322 3384 or 3322-8732

Fax: +55-41-3642-4725


Details: Consul: Victor Manuel Goncalves Barbosa

Royal Norwegian Consulate in Belem

Address: Nordisk Timber LTDA, Rod Augusto Montenegro KM 11, Iocarci, CEP 66820-000

Phone: +55-21-2541-7732 (Consulado Geral da Noruega no Rio de Janeiro)

Fax: +55-21-2275-0138



Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro

Address: Rua Lauro Muller 116, Sala 2206, Torre Rio Sul, Botafogo, 22.290-160

Phone: +55-21-2541-7732

Fax: +55-21-2275-0138



Details: Consul Geral: Sra. Anne Vibeke Lilloe

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Brasilia

Address: SES, Avenida das Nacoes, Quadra 807, Lote 28, CEP 70.418-900

Phone: +55-61-3443-8720 / 22 / 91

Fax: +55-61-3443-2942



Details: Embaixadora: S.E. Turid B. Rodrigues Eusebio

Medical Information

Recommended vaccines

  • Routine Vaccines
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies

About Norway

Capital: Oslo
  • Bokmal Norwegian;
  • Nynorsk Norwegian;
  • Small Sami and Finnish speaking minorities

Area: 324,220 KM2
Population: 5,009,150
Timezone: UTC/GMT +1 hour
Currency: Krone (NOK)
Calling Code: +47

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Type C European 2-pin  C European 2-pin
Type F Schuko plug  F Schuko plug

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