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Check all the ETIAS Visa Requirements for Canadian citizens visiting the Schengen Area. Starting from 2021 an ETIAS authorisation will be required for every Canadian citizen for short-stay period in Schengen Area. ETIAS is part of an EU intergovernmental legislative initiative created to enforce the security of the Member States.

Discover the travel requirements for Canadian Citizens visiting EU or Schengen Countries.

Requirements for the ETIAS visa in Canada

The requirements for an ETIAS visa for Canadian citizens are the same of every other Country that supports the program, therefore a valid passport, e-mail address and a valid card or debit card will be required in order to apply for a VISA for Europe.

The filing procedure will be similar to the ESTA for the United States, so each travelling citizen will have to fill a form with all his or her biographic information and passport details. In addition, they will be asked to respond to a series of health and security related questions.

In 2021, the ETIAS visa for Canadians will become a mandatory requirement to travel from Canada to any of the Schengen Area Countries. The traveler needs to apply for the visa waiver before the flight to Europe, by filing all the required information online.


What is the ETIAS visa for Canadian citizens?

In 2021 the visa waiver program for Europe named ETIAS will be made active in 60 countries. The European Travel Information and Authorization System was created by the European Union as a monitoring system for all the visitors travelling to the Schengen countries, and in order to avoid any hazard that may occur with the illegal immigration of potentially dangerous subjects.

Canada is among the countries that support the ETIAS visa waiver program, so it will mandatory for its citizens to apply for a valid visa for Europe. This Visa for Canadians created for transit, tourism and business travelers that plan short term stays of 90 days.


How to apply for the ETIAS visa for Canadians

It can take half to an hour to complete the whole questionnaire. In order to successfully file the applications travelers with the ETIAS visa requirements for Canadian Citizens will have to provide all the information needed, and also pay a fee by using their credit or debit card. The approved ETIAS visa waiver will be sent to the applicant via email within 24 hours.

The visas for Europe applications are cross-checked by various databases with different screening rules and they are reviewed manually only if a traveler files fake information. Citizens can apply for the visa in Canada, with any device that supports an internet connection, and it will not be possible to apply for the ETIAS visas for Canadians in a European embassy in Canada.

Once obtained, the ETIAS Visa for Canadian Citizens will be valid for 90 days from the arrival in any of the Schengen Countries. The ETIAS visas for Europe can be filed only for short-term business or leisure travels and can be used up to three consecutive years or until the passport expires.


ETIAS visa for Canadians traveling to Europe

For the time being the ETIAS is still not required, so Canadian citizens can plan a leisure or business trip to one or more of the Schengen area countries without applying for any waiver or visa, and stay for 90 days with a valid passport.

Once the visa waiver program will start in 2021, it will not be possible to travel to Europe for short-term stays without a valid ETIAS . Therefore, it will be mandatory to file an application, pay the fee and receive the approved visa via e-mail. The ETIAS needs to be filed before the trip, otherwise the passenger will not be accepted on board by the airport staff and the flight crew.


Why was the ETIAS created?

The implementation of a European visa waiver similar to the ESTA created by the United States was created mainly for security and budget reasons. In the year 2016 Europe was struck by terrorist attacks that occurred in various cities, perpetrated by non-EU citizens. Therefore, the European Union thought it was absolutely necessary to create a better information exchange system in order to control the flow of travelers from every non-European country. The Electronic Travel and Information System will provide more security for the external borders of the European Union that will be able to control all the data and cross check it with the most important databases, such as Interpol and EUROPOL DATA. The EU hopes to drastically reduce potential risks and creating a safer environment for its citizens, tourists and business or study travelers. As for the budget, since there will be a fee to pay in order to get a visa, the European Union will benefit a yearly income based on all the visa-exempt travelers that in 2021 will need to apply for an ETIAS.

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