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Check all the ETIAS Visa Requirements for Micronesian citizens visiting the Schengen Area. Starting from 2023 an ETIAS authorisation will be required for every Micronesian citizen for short-stay period in Schengen Area. ETIAS is part of an EU intergovernmental legislative initiative created to enforce the security of the Member States.

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About Micronesia (Federated States of)

Area: 702 KM2
Capital: Palikir
Currency: Dollar (USD)
Timezone: UTC/GMT +11 hours
  • English;
  • Chuukese;
  • Kosrean;
  • Pohnpeian;
  • Yapese;
  • Ulithian;
  • Woleaian;
  • Nukuoro;
  • Kapingamarangi
Population: 107,708
Calling Code: +691
Power Sockets:
  • A North American/Japanese 2-blade
  • B American 3-pin