LIBE committee confirmed a change in ETIAS applications fee and duration

October 30, 2017

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LIBE committee confirmed a change in ETIAS applications fee and duration

A new ETIAS authorisation will cost 10 euro and it will have a validity of 3 years. The reason for increasing in price is easy to imagine, according to European Commission reports the final costs of developing ETIAS are approximatively around 212 millions of euro (with an average annual cost of 80 million per year). Prices and duration of the ETIAS authorisation have been reviewed to make this program more sustainable and scalable on a higher amount of visitors in EU.

An estimation of inbound traffic in the Schengen Area projects, in fact, the number of 39 million of visa-exempt travelers expected in the year 2021, with a positive trend of 15% compared to 2017.
The new prices and lifespan of ETIAS will also align this travel authorisation to other similar measures already in use in Australia, Canada (ETA authorisations) and USA (ESTA).

The next steps toward ETIAS adoption are strongly related to the new privacy and data protection regulation currently under definition by the European Parliament. Starting from 2018 a new data protection policy (GDPR) will increase the security of data holder and this process will actively involve the development of ETIAS and Entry-Exit System as well. EU must provide complete observance of internal procedure and regulations making the development of ETIAS less straightforward compared to other systems already in use in Australia, Canada, and the USA.