Current status of the ETIAS authorisation

April 10, 2017

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ETIAS Current Status

In the last few weeks, ETIAS has been debated in several countries of the Schengen Area.

Despite the fact that ETIAS should only be effective in the Schengen Area Countries and countries in the process of joining it, an enlargement to other Countries (Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia) is still under the study of the commission.

This enlargement will allow better cooperation between the national security agencies and enforce security standards, Countries outside the Schengen Area will provide and obtain information from SIS and Interpol.

Members of the Italian government proposed to change access rules for Serbian citizens in the EU parliament. At the moment Serbia is surrounded almost entirely by countries forming part of the new travel authorisation, this is a liability that the European Union is planning to remove by extending the validity of the travel authorisation and lowering the price for the application. In the case that the European Union votes in favor of Serbia, similar extensions would probably be granted to Albania as well.

Another sensitive subject of debate in the EU is the collection of travelers personal information in ETIAS system. A German government spokesperson raised the problem stating that the actual proposal could lead to a privacy issue for the travelers.

Germany adopted a Federal data protection act called Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) which is in antithesis with the ETIAS proposal, the BDSG in fact forbids governments from exposing personal data, which are manually processed or stored in IT systems.

BDSG and ETIAS at the moment seem to be antithetical, no doubt this will be a matter of debate for the next session of the European commission.

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