EU Parliament Approves ETIAS Regulation

July 05, 2018

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EU Parliament Approves ETIAS Regulation

The ETIAS Regulation has been voted today at the European Parliament, the new regulation has passed with 494 votes, 115 against and 30 abstentions.

It's one first step toward a formal adoption of a travel authorization process able to streamline short-term immigration in the member states of the union.

ETIAS, in fact, it will be able to connect to any information system controlled by security agencies of all the countries in the Schengen Area, and this should provide a complete and efficient pre-screen of visa-exempt travelers.

ETIAS Application Control System

If the Council of Ministers adopts the regulation and publish it in the Official Journal, the new authorization system it's estimated to become operational in 2021. The planned developing cost for ETIAS is around 212 million with an average operative cost estimated at 85 million.

The system should be self-sustainable, all the travelers will need such authorization to enter the Schengen area but only the ones between 18 and 70 years old will pay a fee to have the travel authorization.
The pillars of the new authorization system will be:

  • Affordability: All visa-free travelers willing to visit Europe, will pay a reasonable fee for a travel authorization that has three years of validity.
  • Effectiveness: ETIAS will close a critical information gap, cross-checking the data provided during the application process with the Schengen Information System (SIS), the Visa Information System (VIS), Eurodac, Interpol and Europol databases.
  • Clarity: In cases where authorization is refused, the national authority will inform the applicant about the decision or ask for additional information within 96 hours.

When further information is provided, the authority has to decide within four weeks of the initial application date. In case of refusal, applicants will have a clear explanation of the denial and right to appeal.