ETIAS San Marino

Country Overview

Like Monaco and the Vatican City, San Marino has open borders with Schengen Area.

Entry-Exit system and ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) are the two legislative tools that will change the way to travel in Europe in the next years. Although their aim is similar, ETIAS will be focused mostly on short-term journeys.

Starting from 2021 all travelers above 18 years old will be able to apply online for the permission to travel to San Marino. The online application cost is €7 and once the authorisation is approved it will last for five years. The authorisation will also allow travelers from visa-exempted countries to travel in other Countries part of the Schengen Area without requiring any other travel documents. Although the online authorisation is valid for five years, the maximum duration of stay in the EU is 90 days in a consecutive period of 180 days. If the traveler plans to have a longer stay in the Schengen area, a visa is required.


San Marino is a small independent micro state situated on the slopes of Mount Titano between two Italian regions Emilia-Romagna and Marche. It is the smallest independent state in Europe. The shape of San Marino is irregular rectangle with the land area of 61 square kilometers. The 3 main rivers in San Marino is Ausa, Fiumicello and San Marino River. Located inside Italy, the climate in San Marino is described as Mediterranean climate with dry and warm summers and mild winters.
San Marino is considered as city with the center of San Marino being recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. As one of the oldest republics in the world, San Mario is famous for its historic architecture. The 3 citadels overlooking the city is worth seeing. La Rocca is the oldest one. Major landmarks are Castello della Cesta, the Palazzo Pubblico, Basilica of San Marion and the Cava dei Balestrieri. Tourists come to San Marino to purchase its stamps and coins for their collections.

About San Marino

Area: 61 KM2
Capital: San Marino
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Timezone: UTC/GMT +1 hour
Languages: Italian
Population: 31,477
Calling Code: +378
Power Sockets:
  • B American 3-pin